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Door Hinge Protector


The Door Hinge Protectors are 8-inch long steel channels that wrap around the edge of the door where the hinges attach to the door. They are designed to strengthen the hinge side of the door, preventing that area from failing during a kick-in attack. This is especially important when all other points of the door are reinforced. When you have fortified other points of the door, energy during an attack can be shifted to the hinges of the door, causing them to fail. For more secure doors, use with the Door Frame Protector and Door Edge Protector. [Includes (4) 2-inch long screws]

The Door Hinge Protector is ideal for:

  • Residential and commercial doors.
  • Exterior doors that need additional reinforcement against splitting.
  • Standard-thickness exterior doors.
  • Use with our Door Frame Protector and Door Edge Protectors for maximum protection.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Our Door Hinge Protectors are available in two finishes: white and oil-rubbed bronze. A white Door Hinge Protector shown installed.
An oil-rubbed bronze Door Hinge Protector being installed. A white Door Hnge Protector being installed. (Shown in white to enhance visibility)