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Door Frame Protector


The Door Frame Protector installs directly on the door frame (or door jamb), reinforcing the softwood frame with commercial-quality, 14-gauge steel. By strengthening the door frame, which is usually the most vulnerable part of the door, you can instantly increase the physical security of your doors and help prevent kick-in attacks. Measuring 59 inches long by 2 inches wide, the Door Frame Protector is also ideal to repair door frames that have been damaged by a prior kick-in attack. For more secure doors, use with the Door Edge Protector and Door Hinge Protectors. [Includes (13) 3-inch long screws]

The Door Frame Protector is ideal for:

  • Residential and commercial door frames.
  • Strengthening the wood door frame only.
  • Repairing door frames damaged by break-ins.
  • Use with our Door Edge Protector and Door Hinge Protectors for maximum protection.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Our Door Frame Protector is available in four finishes: white,
oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel and brown.
A white Door Frame Protector shown installed.
A white Door Frame Protector shown installed. A brown Door Frame Protector being installed.