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73% of all burglars kick in doors to gain entry into a home


Why It’s a Problem

Almost all homes have been built with the same critical design flaw: their exterior door frames (also known as the door jambs) were constructed from softwood, making it the weakest, most vulnerable area of the door. One or two strong kicks to the door will crack the frame allowing entry into your home.

Many people wrongly think an alarm system will prevent a break in. Occasionally, they may help deter a criminal from choosing your home, but they do not keep them out. Even with an alarm, burglars know they have several minutes to get in and out of your house before police arrive, which is more than enough time!


Our Solution

We offer an easy and inexpensive solution to prevent forced entries. A good secure door and door frame is your first line of defense against home invasions. Solid steel plates and channels physically reinforce the weakest areas of your exterior doors and door frames and can even repair damage due to a previous break-in. All of our products come in a variety of finishes and are designed to blend in with your existing doors and frames, creating a steel fortress, without unattractive burglar bars.


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